This website documents two music projects of the Lithuanian Ensemble Network LENsemble. LENsemble is a lithuanian ensemble for contemporary music and was initiated by Vykintas Baltakas in 2009. Both projects focus on unusual settings.
In Timbre Masses & Timbre Unity, the setting includes five trumpets, two keyboards controlling a sampler database and one violoncello.
In LENdscapes, singers perform together with 17 musicians and 34 loudspeaker sculptures of the Bremen loudspeaker orchestra BLO


A landscape of loudspeakers and musicians is spread over the entire concert hall in this unusual concert. The audience is situated in the middle of it and perceives 34 loudspeaker sculptures that, like musicians, have their own music stands and note parts. Sit down on a musician's seat and listen to the Lithuanian Ensemble Network - 17 musicians scattered around the hall together with three singers, and often wandering. At the end of the concert, the audience can actively participate. This project was performed at the GAIDA Festival Vilnius 2021.

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